Angus Beef Jerky Flavors

All of our Beef Jerky products use the same base marinade that consists of soy, teriyaki, sweet & sour, worcestershire, salsa and various other spices. They are all natural and gluten-free with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The Meat

The beef jerky is made from the inside top round beef cut. We do all the processing ourselves currently and so it has had minimal processing. We trim the excess and then cut it down into strips that can then be sanitized and marinated before drying, curing and packaging.

Mild Soy Teriyaki

The Mild flavor is very close to our base recipe with minimal additions. Its best described as a sweet almost tangy flavor. The teriyaki and soy are very distinct but not overdone imo. The ingredients do have peppers in them thought in my opinion, not noticeable.

Medium Soy Teriyaki

Medium is a good intro to spicy foods. It slowly heats up the more you eat and doesn't get hot enough to keep kids from digging in. It has more peppers, hot sauce and uses medium picante and is slightly less sweet than the mild.

Spicy Soy Teriyaki

The Spicy has a slow burn to it. It uses even more chilies and XXX habanero compared to Medium. It is still quite delicious and pretty darned irresistible.

Where to find us

Our jerky is distributed thru various gas station/convenient stores, bars, vending machines and local businesses. We can sell our products direct from our commercial kitchen location or from our online store.

Contact Us for samples.

Lamb Jerky Flavors

Lamb is a new thing for us. We've been making sample batches now for several years and feel its ready for a public release as its come along nicely :)

The Lamb Meat

Our grass fed Lamb is sourced from New Zealand currently and we are working on sourcing more locally. The costs of the Lamb are substantially more expensive than our Angus beef and to offset the product costs, we are packaging our Lamb jerky into 1.2oz pkgs or slightly smaller than our Angus beef.

Mild Soy Mint

The Mild Mint is our exclusive and only Lamb flavor currently. It consists of our same base recipe along with rosemary, mustard and mint extract. The flavor is very unique and delicious and thus far has had rave reviews.

Akaushi Jerky Flavors

Our Akaushi jerky was developed with the help of our Kickstarter campaign that ended in October '16 and while they use the same marinade recipes as our Angus jerky, the Akaushi aka Kobe Red beef is marbled with flavor and provides a buttery taste and texture that helps make it some of the most delicious jerky we've ever made.

The Akaushi Meat

Our Akaushi beef is 100% Akaushi genetics originating from Kobe Japan. The breed of cattle is also commonly referred to as Kobe Red. The fats that marble the meat are healthy with similarities to the health benefits of olive oil and provide a rich buttery taste and texture.

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